• Counseling center on accounting, tax and financial analysis.

  • Counseling center on inventors and innovators.

  • Counseling center on foreign activity.

  • Counseling center on environmental issues.

  • Counseling center on information and marketing issues.

  • Consulting and control center on business security.

  • Counselling center on appraise property, including the cadastral value of land and real estate.



1.         Pre-shipment control of quality, quantity, completeness, packaging and labeling, which is about to send.

2.         Examination to verify compliance with the consignment received the contract/ agreement on the quantity, quality, packaging, labeling.

3.         Examination of the technical condition of machinery, equipment for various purposes, and their compliance with regulatory and technical documentation.

4.         Examination of installation, commissioning and other works.

5.         Examination of the quality of used goods (consumer expertise), the determination of the causes of the defects.

6.         Automerchandising expertise.

7.         Construction and technical expertise:

8.         Examination of compliance with the requirements of the executed works of construction documents, specifications.

9.         Determination of the actual volume and the value of construction works.

10.     Examination of construction of buildings and structures.

11.     Fire and technical expertise.

12.     Establishment of product characteristics.

13.     Determination or confirmation of accessories products to product categories, were in operation.

14.     Handwriting examination.

15.     Technical examination of documents.



16.     Assessment of the market value of all types of property (including the reduction of inventory cost).

17.     Identification and verification of market prices.

18.     Determine the market value of the rent.

19.     Determine the market value of the services.

20.     Determining the costs of damage and restoration of accidents, emergencies and insurance events.

21.     Examination of earlier reports on the evaluation.

22.     Autotechnical examination.

23.     Accounting expertise.

24.     Financial and economic expertise.

25.     Computer and technical expertise.


Center for Intellectual Property

26.         Patenting of inventions, utility models, industrial designs, including abroad.

27.         Registration of trademarks, service marks and appellations of origin, including abroad.

28.         Conducting patent research, including the examination of patent clearance.

29.         Assist in the official registration of computer software engineering, databases, topology circuits.

30.         Register of copyright.

31.         Assist in the preparation of various agreements related to the creation and use of intellectual property, including contracts for the alienation of the exclusive rights and license agreements.

32.         Valuation of intellectual property.

33.         Inventory of intellectual property.

34.         Assisting in the resolution of conflicts arising from the use of intellectual property, including litigation.

35.         Examination in respect of intellectual property, including patent clearance.



36. The special assessment of working conditions.



37.    Preparation and submission to the authorized state bodies package of application documents to obtain licenses for subsoil use, making the existing license amendments and additions (including a change of boundaries previously granted subsoil) and their renewal.

38.    Search and preparation of materials for new subsurface areas, promising to identify common minerals deposits for their study and subsequent development.

39.    Search and presentation of subsoil users companies and organizations that perform exploration, design and other specialized work related to the use of mineral resources, legal and technical support to enter into contracts with them and their performance.

40.    Clearance of land for the purpose of subsoil from the lands of the forest and water reserves, in state or municipal ownership, transfer of land from one category to another, tracking the registration process (re) establishment of cadastral certificates with appropriate types of permitted use and cadastral value.

41.    Examination of stocks common minerals, projects of sanitary protection zones of groundwater bodies.

42.    Support the conditions of subsoil use, specified in the license, in terms of preparation and delivery of forms and materials of the state statistical reporting, monitoring the composition and timing of events, to take measures to comply with them, shared and dedicated audit of subsoil, their preparation to audits by state control and supervision.

43.    Collection and provision of information materials about the investment projects in the sphere of subsoil use, supply and demand for certain types of products and services in the mining and geological industries, other aspects of mutual interest to the subsoil, to establish contacts and relations between them.

44.    Preparation and submission to the authorized state bodies of materials for the contract for water use;

45.    Preparation and submission to the authorized state bodies of materials for the decision to grant a water body for wastewater and (or) drainage water.

46.    Environmental management advice and clarification on any issues of natural resources, recommendations and proposals for their solution.



               Experienced environmental specialists inexpensive, high quality and short time to prepare                and coordinate all the necessary documents on environmental issues:

47.    Draft standards for waste and limits for their disposal.

48.    Projects of maximum permissible emissions.

49.    Draft standards for allowable discharges.

50.    Passports of hazardous waste.

51.    Safety data dangerous objects, plans spill oil and petroleum products.

52.    Materials to obtain a license for waste management.

53.    Classes I-IV; materials to obtain a license for subsoil use for the extraction of groundwater; materials to obtain a license for the right to use surface water bodies.

54.    Substantiation of the siting of the facility.

55.    Categories impact assessment.

56.    Projects of sanitary protection zones.

57.    Payments for environmental pollution.




58.    Organization of field of international and inter-regional trade and economic missions of the South Urals enterprises and entrepreneurs.

59.    Preparation and conduct business meetings between foreign and domestic entrepreneurs.

60.    Organization of company presentations in Russia and from abroad in Chelyabinsk.

61.    Organization of individual business tours of the Russian businessmen in the regions of the Russian federation and abroad in order to develop mutually beneficial business relations of enterprises and organizations of the South Urals with Russian and foreign partners.

62.    Compilation of foreign trade contracts and conduct their examination.

63.    Registration of trade documents.

64.    Consultations on foreign economic activity.

65.    Business enterprises participation in fairs and exhibitions in Russia, CIS and foreign countries.

66.    Accreditation of representative offices of foreign companies in the Chelyabinsk region.

Tourist services:

67.    Hotel reservations at discounted rates in Moscow and other cities.

68.    Booking and sale of air and railway tickets.

69.    Invitations for foreign citizens in the Russian federation.



70.         Interpretation and official certification stamp SUCCI for organizations.

71.         Translation the following types of documents: shipping, technical documentation, patent documentation, standards; founding documents, contracts.

72.         "Virtual Office" assistance in the conduct of business correspondence with foreign partners.

73.         "Website Localization": website translation into the languages ​​of the countries with which the company has, or wants to establish a business relationship.

74.         Interpretation: telephone calls, visits, language support, supervision, conferences, translations in the courts.

75.         Editing of translations (checking and editing of translations made by other translators) followed certification.

76.         Linguistic expertise.

77.         Translations for individuals under the notarization or apostille: personal documents (certificates, employment records, passports, power of attorney, etc.).


DEPARTMENT certificate of origin

78.         Examination to determine the origin of the Russian goods exported to CIS and non-CIS countries, to obtain certificates of origin form CT-1, a national form, the form "A", as well as certify other documents related to foreign economic activities.

79.         Examination to determine the origin of Russian goods and issue of certificates of origin form СT-1 for the procurement for state and municipal needs.


THE SERVICE OF Quality Management System

80.        The maintenance and improvement of the quality management system within the South Urals Chamber Of Commerce and Industry Union.


The certification BODY FOR quality management systems

81.        The certification body of quality management systems SUCCI provides services for the quality management system certification of enterprises and organizations in the system of voluntary certification of "GOST R" to meet the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (accreditation certificate № ROSS RU. 0001.13IF07);

82.        The certification body of quality management systems succi provides services for the quality management system certification of enterprises and organizations in the system of voluntary certification of "military register" to meet the requirements of GOST RV 0015-002-2012, GOST R EN 9100-2011 (accreditation number AA.1.36.0093-2010 BP).



Information and marketing services

83.              The search for new clients and partners in Russia and abroad.

84.              Access to foreign markets.

85.              Checking the reliability of the partner.

86.              Preparing of business information about the Russian or foreign company:

87.              The study of foreign trade operations in Russia on any goods (delivery volumes, the dynamics of the supply contract value, the distribution of supplies for countries and regions).

Analysis of foreign trade activities

88.              Analysis of the region's foreign trade (volumes of supplies, supply dynamics, the commodity structure, the main trading partners, the distribution of supplies for countries and regions);

89.              Analysis of the pricing situation (average contract price).

90.              Analysis of the supply and demand for a particular product.

Marketing Research

Market Analysis:

91.              Analysis of general market trends.

92.              Determination of market size and dynamics of its development.

93.              Market segmentation to identify target groups of consumers.

Investigation of competitors:

94.              Determination of the range.

95.              Determination of the volumes of production and sales.

96.              Determination of market share and development plans.

97.              The study of pricing policies and systems promote the products of competitors.

Consumer research:

98.              Study of the structure and behavior of buyers.

99.              The study of consumer preferences.

100.          Determination of the motives of purchase.

Investigation of suppliers:

101.          Sourcing.

102.          Gathering information about work experience, structure and terms of delivery.

Business planning:

103.          Development of feasibility studies.

104.          Development of business plans.

Feasibility Study:

105.          Description of the project and the calculations made on the basis of expert data, without first conducting a market analysis.

Export control

106.          Drawing conclusions identification examination for the purposes of export control and customs clearance.

107.          Consultations on export control of goods (technology).

108.          Examination of the draft contract to the transaction with the goods (technology) with signs of objects of export control.

109.          The organization of a license and other permits issued by the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of Russia.

Banner on the official site of the SUCCI

110.          Placing a banner on the official site of the SUCCI.

Expert examination for the purposes of export control (dual purpose)

111.          Registration of the conclusions of the identification examination for the purposes of export control and customs clearance.

112.          Advice on export control of goods (technology).

113.          Examination of the draft contract to the transaction with the goods (technology) with signs of objects of export control.

114.          Procurement of licenses and other permits issued by the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of Russia.

Advice and assistance in assigning a barcode

115.          Consultation on the bar-coding of goods in the international system «GS1»;

116.          Assistance in assigning a barcode (from registration entrance documents to transfer the codes assigned to the client);

117.          Determination of the correctness of the code image;

118.          Find the owner of the bar code (search for a supplier or manufacturer of the goods according to the bar code on the package).

Electronic signature

119.          Issue of certificates and forms of electronic signatures.


Department of Regional Policy and publications

120.          Information support enterprises, PR-support activities.

121.          Placement of the information on the site of the SUCCI.

122.          Information support for business events, seminars and presentations.

123.          Distribution of promotional materials at events of the SUCCI.

124.          Placement of promotional materials in the magazine "Business bulletin".

125.          Shooting movies.

126.          Organization of press conferences.

127.          Media planning, working with the press (media monitoring to examine the nature and quantity of information about the company).

128.          Preparation of information events, press releases, - initiation of media materials about the company.

129.          Responding to the appearance in the media of negative information about the company, to prevent such incidents.

130.          Development of an information campaign in a crisis situation.

131.          Information support of social projects and public relations campaigns in social networks.



132.          Preparation of contracts.

133.          Legal review of contracts.

134.          Legal support of contracts.

135.          Help for contracts, participation in negotiations.

136.          Representation in courts of all levels.

137.          Legal support of recovering money from businesses by enforcement proceedings;

138.          The objective legal assessment of the prospects of judicial proceedings.

139.          Advice on legal and rational resolution of disputes in the areas of business entities.

140.          Preparation of claims and claim letters, appeals and applications for supervisory          review.

141.          Legal advice and support for business (legal services).

142.          Legal audit of economic and labor contracts.

143.          Registration of LLC, JSC, IE.

144.          Amendments to the articles of incorporation.




Training and retraining in the following programs:

145.          Quality management systems and integrated systems.

146.          Legal basis for conservation, protection and commercialization of intellectual property (patenting).

147.          Document Management.

148.          Financial management.

149.          Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship.

150.          Modern international relations and foreign trade activities (training of specialists in     customs clearance).

151.          Management in the field of real estate.

152.          Occupational Safety and Health (registration number 2955 from 14.06.2013, the                                   register of accredited organizations providing services in the field of occupational                                safety and health).

153.          Fire-technical minimum.

154.          Management of innovation.

155.          Human Resources.

156.          Marketing research.

157.          Work with hazardous waste.

158.          State and local government procurement: Federal Law 05.04.2013 № 44-FZ "On the     contract system in the procurement of goods, works and services for state and         municipal needs.



159.    Domestic electrical work.

160.    Installation of cables and overhead lines up to 500 sq.

161.    Installation of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures and the installation of supports.

162.    Measurements of parameters of electrical circuits.

163.    Installation of transformer substations up to 500 sq.

164.    Energy audit.




165.          Reliability evaluation of potential partners for business, including in foreign      economic activity.

166.          Analysis of the information to conduct business negotiations and contracts.

167.          Check a potential partner in terms of an analysis of its financial position and     reputation, maintaining this registry-based reliable partners, checking the        creditworthiness of potential borrowers.

168.          Preparation of rapid assessments of reliability and property status of the company.

169.          Compilation of political, business and psychological portrait of a potential partner, a competitor.

170.          Recommendations in the field of business cooperation with partners.

171.          How to find a potential partner on the specified criteria.

172.          Forecasting and business risk information and analytical support solutions for their management, including the development of preventive measures to alleviate the impact of the negative trends that enhance the use of positive change and allow control over the nature of these processes.

173.          Assessment of the socio-economic and political situation in the Chelyabinsk      region.

174.          Analysis and forecasting of economic and financial activities of the enterprise.

175.          Structuring of complex and non-financial schemes and assisting in their use in order to obtain the highest possible level of profit or return the entire amount of        invested funds.

176.          Establishing the facts of unfair competition.

177.          Conducting legal, technological and financial expertise of the investment projects,       contracts, agreements and contracts.

178.          Representing the client in control, law enforcement and other government agencies.

179.          Development of techniques for the preparation and implementation of programs for the physical, economic and information security organizations, and precautions to ensure the personal safety of its managers and employees.

180.          Making recommendations for the development, organization and protection of communications and telecommunications systems, and other types of technical protection facilities.

181.          Staff survey on the subject of loyalty and trustworthiness to the firm, including the use of special psycho-diagnostic techniques and a polygraph.


Chelyabinsk regional agency

of QUALIFICATIONS development

182. Provision of legal, regulatory, organizational and methodological framework for the functioning of the agency.

183. The formation and organization of the functioning of the internal and external interaction mechanism contributing to the creation of innovative practices in the field of development of the system of professional qualifications on the basis of agreements and targeted programs of interaction.

184. Organization and coordination structures within the system.

185. The development, publication and administration of the Chelyabinsk region certificate of conformity of the professional standard (certificate of qualification).

186. Providing organizational and consulting assistance to industry associations, employers and professional associations to establish branch centers independent evaluation and certification.

187. Preparation of documents, preparatory procedures to empower non-profit organizations authorized branch centers.

188. Conclusion of agreements on the exercise of powers branch centers assessment and certification of qualifications.

189. Assessment and certification of qualifications.

190. Review and preparation of decisions on appeal issues.

191. Organizing the participation of industry employers in the public and professional accreditation of professional education institutions, to assess the quality of vocational education programs.

192. Development and implementation of innovative projects in the field of development of the quality of human resources in the Chelyabinsk region;

193. The establishment of the system of interrelations with the national agency for development of qualifications in the framework of the Chelyabinsk regional agency of qualifications development as an experimental platform, reporting on their activities.